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Consumers love to buy from people they can trust. But even before they do that, consumers want to be able to ask around for a second opinion before they can make up their minds. In the past, consumers relied on journalists who cut a niche informing them about specific products, services, trends in those industries, best products etc. For this reason, magazines like the Consumer Report recorded addable acclaim.

Although we now live in an Internet age where everything is done on PCs or mobile phones, consumer behavior hasn’t changed one bit. They still want to read customer reviews whenever they go to their favorite e-commerce store whether it is amazon, best buy, etc. But this happens for a good reason.

Reviews help consumers discover products in a way that regular descriptions don’t. They tell it like it is, new uses for a products, how to be more satisfied with a product, etc. Essay writing companies without customer reviews are the subject of this website.

Students as consumers

Essay writing companies provide a very important service to students. Students depend on them for better grades, freedom to chase their dreams, among others. Since there is an exchange of money, students should be able to go out to find the best essay writing professionals. Unfortunately, most essay writing companies don’t have an independent review system in place which leaves it for the likes of to take care of this need.

Why we review paper writing companies

As stated, paper writing companies operate a bit differently compared to other e-commerce companies. They are highly fragmented and decentralized which makes it hard for one to approach them collectively. Independent review sites however, are possible in the sense that they can help one discover services that have a good reputation overall. We are proud to present such an environment to our users.

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How works

We have been in the essay writing industry since inception. We regularly ask users who’ve been in this journey to share their experiences with others. Most of the times, we allow them to rate a company’s quality adherence, cost structure, and professionalism, among others. We use the ratings they provide to rank top essay services from the stable we have been given.

In addition to this, we have a section dedicated to professional reviews about essay writing companies. We review every company independently and let out users make up their minds about companies they feel attracted to.