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Find Better Weather Here!

Just enter the type of weather you're looking for, your zipcode, and the area to search and will show you locations at future dates with the weather forecast scored according to your precise weather requirements.

Results of your preferences, will be ranked 1-10, where '10' matches your preference most closely.

Temperature: Enter Zip code:
Sun / Clouds: Enter Radius in Miles:
Wind: Select Date :
Snow: Note: Accurate forecasts cannot be obtained beyond 7 days

Search For Better Weather Near You! is the perfect search engine for anyone looking for specific weather conditions to plan an outing, vacation, or other special event..

Want to spend a weekend at the beach and maximize your sunshine? Or how about a skiing trip to a mountain with perfect powder? With FindBetterWeather's unique search engine, you can pinpoint the areas that meet the exact weather criteria and distance you specify... and never let bad weather ruin an otherwise perfect vacation again.

The process is simple. You choose your desired weather conditions, and tell us how far you're willing to travel. We will show you a detailed map indicating how closely the different regions in your chosen area match up to your desired weather. Areas and locations that match your weather perfectly are scored a perfect ten, while areas that differ from your requirements will be ranked lower, depending on how significantly they differ from your chosen weather.

If, for instance, you want to spend the day flying kites, or windsurfing, you can specifically look for areas with high wind. On the other hand, if a calm, breezy day is more your style, we can help you find that too. In fact, helps you find the weather you want, when you want, where you want... all year round.

We are also happy to provide our users with the latest weather news and headlines, easily accessible by clicking on our "news" tab at the top of every page.

Of course, if you want more information about our weather search or any of our other features or services, please feel free to use our convenient contact form.

Whether you're planning a simple day out or an extended vacation, is the first place you should go for all your weather needs.


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